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01 July 2015 @ 10:56 am
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House: Where's Richie Rich?

Cameron: He said he can't leave work.

House: Yeah, you told me that two hours ago.

Cameron: I'm not going to lie.

House: Why, 'cause it's wrong? Or because you're a coward?

Cameron: Hmm, tough choice.

House: You've been wasting 2 hours of the kid's time. Is that deeply and unforgivably morally wrong? No. Because it's not a waste of his time. Unless we're wrong, unless his condition has got nothing to do with his friend's. You're just afraid of being wrong.

Cameron: Your parents called.

Daddy's Boy, S2
30 June 2015 @ 09:49 am

House: It's scleroderma.

Foreman: You don't have some clever way of telling me this time?

House: Patient's dying. I'm done with clever. Look at his skin. [He holds up a small photo from the file.] It's tight for a 75-year-old.

Foreman: Based on his admission photo? Bit subjective. Fever points to infection. And now he's got nodules on his fingers. That's blastomycosis.

House: Nodules? And you're calling tight skin subjective?

Chase: I’m with Foreman. We would have seen fungus balls on the head CT.

House: Fungal lesions can be missed.

Cameron: We could settle this with a test. Anticentromere antibodies would point to scleroderma.

Foreman: Point to, not prove. And his fever's too high. We have to treat him now.

House: We treat wrong, we could send this disease into overdrive. You're with me on the scleroderma.

Cameron: I guess. I just don't care enough about the patient to waste my time trying to convince anyone –

House: We get it. You don't like the guy, you didn't want to work on this case. And yet you're still here. Why don't you take a stand? Either do something about it or shut up.

Cameron: [to Foreman] Treat him for blasto if you want. [She gives House a smug “you satisfied?” look.]

House: I'll get Cuddy. I can convince her to –

Foreman: This isn't a democracy. I don't care who you get. At least for right now, this is my department. We're treating him for blasto. Start him on Amphotericin B.

The Tyrant, S6
29 June 2015 @ 09:04 am

House: Who did her vaginal exam?

Cameron: I did

House: Did she have hair?

Cameron: What are you getting at?

House: Right now I’m getting at whether or not she had hair down there.

Cameron: Uh… not much.

House: She’s manipulative, yet completely docile. Everybody tells us that outburst on the catwalk was out of character. She’s never had a period.

Cameron: You’re thinking this is hormonal?

House: I’m thinking she’s the ultimate woman.

Skin Deep, S2
28 June 2015 @ 08:42 am

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Clueless, S2

They make the exchange of money sexy.
27 June 2015 @ 09:18 am

House: Up and at ‘em.

Cameron: How’re you feeling? Can you talk?

Foreman: I don’t feel anything.

Rodney: Are you numb?

Foreman: No, I mean, I don’t feel any pain.

House: Keep your head still and follow my finger.

Foreman: I’m okay?

House: Your breath stinks, you’re peeing into a bag. What are our names?

Foreman: You did the biopsy? [Cameron nods.] Thank you.

House: Names.

Foreman: Cameron, my dad, and the manipulative bastard.

House: You remembered.

Foreman: How’re you doing, Dad?

Rodney: Great, relieved… great.

Foreman: What did I have?

Cameron: [as House is checking Foreman’s reflexes] Naegleria. Biopsy showed the amoeba, CDC autopsy eventually found the amoeba, and House found it in the water in the cop’s roof.

House: Wiggle your left toes.

Foreman: Wait, you went back and she did the biopsy?

House: Your left toes, Foreman.

Foreman: I just did.

House: No, you didn’t.

Rodney: He can’t move his toes?

House: He can move them. Raise your right arm. [Foreman raises his left.]

Foreman: What?

Euphoria (Pt. 2), S2
26 June 2015 @ 08:50 am

House: [He says through the door without opening it] Unless you've got vicodin, go away.

Cameron: House, it's me. I err...

[He opens the door looking very pale and with red swollen eyes. The detoxing is definitely going very badly]

Cameron: Oh god. I don't have--

House: No pills, no eggnog.

Cameron: [notices House's arm through the gap in the door where he's poked his head out to talk to her] What happened to your arm?

House: Cut myself. [His left forearm is wrapped thickly in a bandage and one side is obviously still bleeding under it, Cameron walks right in and House shuts the door behind her]

Cameron: Wilson was wrong about lymphoma, kid's not losing any weight, no night sweats.

House: Cuddy send you?

Cameron: No. She doesn't trust me not to give you pills.

House: She right?

Cameron: House, these cuts are straight in a row. You did this on purpose.

House: Cutting releases endorphins, endorphins relieve pain. Can you get me some pills?

Cameron: No.

House: Well then you can leave.

Cameron: No constitutional symptoms means--

House: Soon as the kid gets cured, Cuddy's got no pressure to fold.

Cameron: You really think she's going to fold?

House: Autoimmune fits better than cancer but lupus floods kidneys, usually attacks them first. Kidneys are fine, right?

Cameron: Yeah. House, take the deal. You can survive without vicodin. After you were shot you stayed clean for months.

House: Yeah, only it had something to do with the absence of pain. [She's about to put a bandage on] No leave that, I want to be able to pour alcohol on it so I can distract myself.

Cameron: Then you can rip off the bandage. [She proceeds to bandage the cut up]

House: Kid been sick lately?

Cameron: Got a history of ear infections.

House: You see Abigail's immune system is like a shy guy in a bar. The ear infections - they come in, they try to coax him to... [he sighs in frustration] to hell with the metaphor. You get the point right?

Cameron: Nerd gets drunk, thrashes the bar. One of the autoimmunes triggered by a minor infection.

House: Factor in her age, elevated sed rate, anaemia... it's Still's disease. Start her on prednisone, methotrexates, cyclosporin.

Cameron: House, stop this. Please.

Merry Little Christmas, S3
25 June 2015 @ 09:59 am
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Half-Wit, S3

I never get tired of this. Never.
24 June 2015 @ 08:20 am
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