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25 November 2015 @ 11:20 am
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Informed Consent, S3
24 November 2015 @ 08:59 am
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House: I want you to get a skin sample for a biopsy.

Cameron: And I wanna get a foot massage from Johnny Damon.

House: [Walking towards the desk.] Kawasaki’s disease, lymphoma, and sarcoidosis are all treatable.

Cameron: And it could be a hundred other things that aren’t treatable. You have no idea.

House: But you do; you know everything.

Cameron: I didn’t say that I -

House: [Slams cane down on desk.] Exactly! You can’t decide if we’re helping or hurting him; if he’s good or bad; or if you want paper, plastic, or a burlap sack. Do your damn job. [House starts to leave.]

Cameron: I’m not gonna lie to him.

House: Fine, tell the truth. Just get me a pound of flesh.

Informed Consent, S3
23 November 2015 @ 10:13 am
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Cameron: That was amazing!

House: I’m telling you, Gravedigger never disappoints.

Sports Medicine, S1
23 November 2015 @ 12:25 am
Two pics and a new mini to share here.
22 November 2015 @ 09:29 am

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Paternity, S1
21 November 2015 @ 08:28 am

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Detox, S1
20 November 2015 @ 07:16 am

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Clueless, S2
19 November 2015 @ 09:02 am

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House: I don’t want to interview anyone else.

Cameron: You’re interviewing? I thought you’d just have them send a headshot along with their CV.

House: Hah. That’s good. And why I need you around. To keep me in my place. [He keeps trying to look into Cameron’s apartment. Heh.]

Cameron: I can’t come back, I told you that.

House: Wasn’t listening.

Cameron: Right.

House: You want me to listen to you more? I can do that.

Cameron: Right. I already accepted a position somewhere else.

House: With who?

Cameron: Yule, at Jefferson.

House: Unaccept it.

Cameron: Why?

House: Because Yule is boring. He’s pedantic and preachy. Because he’s short. Because I want you to come back.

Cameron: Not good enough.

House: Want more money? A car allowance, better parking space?

Cameron: Dinner. And not just a meal between two colleagues. A date.

House: You’ll come back to work if I go out on a date with you?

Cameron: Yes.

House: Okay, it’s a deal. [They shake on it.]

Cameron: See you tomorrow morning.

House: Don’t be late.

Cameron: I won’t. [She closes the door.]

Kids, S1